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Led by Experienced Instructors and Youth Coaches, over the span of four weeks, our Youth Mentoring Course provides digital badges or certificates upon completion.

It's a practical course about youth mentoring principles, with a unique mentoring methodology. This coveted programme helps delegates learn how to support young people to move through their goals and past challenges.


A virtual, practical course that will provide delegates with the tools to develop as mentors for younger colleagues, learners, graduates or interns. We use a reflective learning methodology to grow their personal leadership skillset and develop their mentoring abilities.

Mentorship has become an increasingly popular way to providing guidance and support to younger employees in the workplace. However, the research indicates that most that have been mentored within organisations do not enjoy the process and do not see tangible results/benefits. A need for structured mentoring practice is needed, and specifically for younger employees who have different needs than that of more experienced employees.


This course gives participants a mentoring framework that will enhance insight into the processes, techniques and critical success factors of mentoring young talent within an organisation. The course covers both practical and theoretical foundations of mentoring and allows the participant experience in receiving practical guidance and support in their mentoring sessions. Our programs are a social responsibility initiative. This course allows for more young leaders to become active citizens in developing their younger peers. They learn to contribute to positive social change through behavioural science-based mentoring


Participants can expect to learn the following upon completion:


  • Learn the foundation theories in mentoring

  • Learn about the key differences between an experienced mentee and an inexperienced/young mentee and how this affects the mentoring framework

  • Understand the key differences between coaching and mentoring

  • Unpack personal mentoring bias and create structured, meaningful mentoring processes

  • Explore the scope and limits of the role of being a mentor

  • Understand the skills and attitude required to perform the mentor role

  • Gain insight into the stages of a mentorship relationships

  • Feedback techniques

  • Ethics and responsibility

  • Develop a strong mentoring programme

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"The sessions were incredibly insightful, meaningful and extremely practical and relatable!"

— Cathrene Keatley, Discovery Health 

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  • Develop experienced or young employees into effective and skilled mentors of the future generation.

  • Maximise the intern experience and absorption through effective Mentor Training and Skill building

  • Development of youth help to build strong, diverse talent pipelines that enhance transformation for both the mentor and mentee

  • Maximise organisational knowledge and core skill transfer through structure and guided mentoring process

  • 135% BEE spend claim

  • This programme includes fully virtual training and therefore participants will need access
    to a laptop, wifi (or an uninterrupted data connection)


  • Nominating an internal Learning Lead (ideally someone from HR / L&D) - this is the person that we will work with for all internal communications and course coordination.

Please note that Sivuka does not provide laptops or data. However, we are happy to assist with procurement and to include this as an additional extra.

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