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About our Founder


Ashalia Maharajh is a mom of 3 girls, a wife, a global speaker, facilitator and the founder and Director of Sivuka Youth. She holds a Bachelor of Social Science and Honours Degrees in Psychology, and is a Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coach. As an L&D professional, she has 17 years of experience within HR and Executive Education she is extremely passionate about a purpose driven life, neuroscience and mindful living. 


Ashalia uses her energetic nature, love for learning and motivation, her solid experience and knowledge to enable and motivate young minds and nurture an individual’s drive for deeper purpose and motivation.


At Sivuka Youth, she takes an introspective approach to fundamental topics to develop SA's youth and tackle unemployment. Her primary aim is to equip the graduates and young employees with the tools they need to succeed in the business world in a way that leads to definitive shifts in their outlook and behaviour.


With South Africa’s high strategic focus on Equity for Youth and Black Empowerment, Ashalia is driven to provide companies with the in depth Learning Support needed for their Youth.


Her positive, enthusiastic nature and innate ability to discover the strengths within others, helps her unleash potential and purpose within others. 

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