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Providing digital badges upon completion, our Youth Coaching Course offers a powerful blend of theory and practical experience.

World class Facilitators and Coaches support delegates in understanding what it takes to support and develop young talent between the ages of 18 - 30.


An innovative and practical course that will provide Youth Coaching Skills to anyone working with youth aged 18 - 23.

An engaging and deeply human centred course that will turn the delegate inward before learning coaching skills. As we understand ourselves, we are able to empower and support others significantly better!

This course includes coaching/mentoring from highly experienced and credentialed executive and youth coaches in the development of the coach beyond the skills that are taught to provide a practical guide for each delegate. Each participant will discover the massive value and benefit of acquiring coaching skills in their own life and in their career.


Participants can expect to learn the following upon completion:


  • Learn the foundation theories in coaching frameworks

  • Learn about the key differences coaching, mentoring, counselling and therapy

  • Unpack personal coaching

  • Explore the scope and limits of the role of being a coach

  • Understand the skills and attitude required from a coach and coach

  • Gain insight into the stages of a coaching relationship

  • Feedback techniques

  • Ethics and responsibility

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"The way the course is structured is very impressive, the interactive sessions can be very thought-provoking as you supposed to think on the spot during challenges. You are taught to be comfortable with discomforts to ensure growth both personally and professionally amongst participants and to step out of their comfort zone into the learning zone"

— Milton Modiba, Hollard Insurance

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  • Develop young high performers in learning this valuable leadership skill

  • Maximise the intern experience and absorption through effective Coaching Training and Skill building

  • Development of youth help to build strong, diverse talent pipelines that enhance transformation for both the coach and coach

  • Maximise organizational knowledge and core skill transfer through structured and guided mentoring process

  • 135% BEE spend claim

  • This programme includes fully virtual training and therefore participants will need access
    to a laptop, wifi (or an uninterrupted data connection)


  • Nominating an internal Learning Lead (ideally someone from HR / L&D) - this is the person that we will work with for all internal communications and course coordination.

Please note that Sivuka does not provide laptops or data. However, we are happy to assist with procurement and to include this as an additional extra.

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