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Duration: 12 months
Virtual - Instructor Led (includes Coaching)
Digital Badge and Certificate upon completion

A unique Learnership that will prepare the learner for any industry or career with a strong basis in Work Readiness and Professional Behaviour


Unemployed Learnership in Professional Behaviour gives learners industry-relevant knowledge, exposure to international best practice, and teaches them the theoretical foundations and practical skills to excel in the workplace.

The core component of this program contains competencies in Professional Behaviour. The elective component allows the learner to gain specialist knowledge, skills and insight in the areas of the specific field in which the Learners are employed. This elective module will include Health & Safety, Policies and Ethics of the companies they work for.

This qualification is intended to enhance the provision of entry-level service within the field of Administration within all industries, the fundamental needs of every new young hire. It will facilitate access to and progression within education and training for learners who were previously disadvantaged or who were unable to complete their schooling and were therefore denied access to Further Education and Training. The qualification has building blocks that can be developed further in qualifications at a higher level.

"Everything that I've learned in this course will help me to succeed in my career and life! Thank you!"

— Learner, Kouga Municipality


On achieving this qualification, the learner will be able to:

  • Gather and report information

  • Plan, monitor and control and information system

  • Maintain booking systems

  • Participate in meetings and process documents and communications related thereto

  • Utilise technology to produce information

  • Plan and conduct basic research in an office environment

  • Coordinate meetings, minor events and travel arrangements

  • Set personal goals

  • Function in a team and overall business environment

  • Demonstrate an understanding of employment relations

  • Have a better understanding of themselves in the context of the working environment

  • Understand and able to navigate diverse groups and learn to manage their communication

  • Demonstrate professionalism in the workplace

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DURATION: 12 months [4 Months Classroom Time; 8 Months of Workplace Experience]
DELIVERY: Online & Face to Face

SAQA ID: 23833


​Due to COVID restrictions, we aim to deliver our teaching in a manner that supports the learning and also maintains safety. The Blended Integrated Learning Model provides safe virtual training that equips learners to be ready to start engaging and contributing to their workplace after 4 months of virtual facilitator-led theoretical training. Learners then spend 8 months in the workplace with their employer, with 1 week per month of lectures in our virtual classroom.


Course materials, assignments, and ongoing learning and support are available throughout the 12 month period via our online learning platform. A variety of learning methods are used such as simulations, case studies, role-plays and other similar techniques to engage the learners along with the self-directed learning approach. During integrated assessments, practical and theoretical learning is assed, we make use of a range of formative and summative assessment tools methods and assess combinations of practical, applied, foundational and reflective competencies.


We have high-expectations and specific requirements of all of our learnership candidates. This makes the recruitment process absolutely critical to the success of the programme and to the ultimate employability of the learners. Rigorous recruitment is critical to the successful or our learnership programmes.

  • Recruitment fee is included in programme cost

  • Candidate approval of both Sivuka and Client is required

  • Sivuka will pre-screen, arrange and set up interviews

  • Characteristics of our preferred candidates:

    • Digitally savvy (MS Office & Google Suite)

    • Good communication skills and ability to learn

    • Self-motivated and high potential

    • Critical thinking, with a “learning mindset”

    • Committed, diligent and hungry to learn

"You are changing lives!"

— Nthabiseng Montsho, Learner from Hollard Insurance

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  • Recruitment (Including Personality and skills analysis, vetting and checks)

  • Interactive online content hosted on our LMS

  • Downloadable course notes and resourcesDaily virtual lectures - provided daily for first 3 months, and thereafter in a lecture week slot per monthGuest speakers from industry/workplace

  • Assessment Q&A sessions

  • Experienced and dedicated learning team (facilitator and coordinator)


Learn how to communicate efectively in the workplace through the understanding of the basics in professional communication; written and verbal. We further communication into the Digital landscape using technology to communicate professionally and clearly.



Understanding self through assessment, 360 feedback and creating greater self awareness allows our learners to gain a deeper insight into how to conduct oneself with others harmoniously.



Understand the basics of how to apply numerical understanding to business and personal tasks. A key topic in this course is focused on teaching previously disadvantage youth how to manage their money smartly. Developing youth that are aware of how to manage their finances grows our country's need for closing the economic disparity.



Develop a keen sense of individual responsibility in the workplace and country is core to this course. This module aims to define and develop every learner's understanding of how to ethically and responsibly conduct oneself in the workplace and as a young adult.


This module aims to bring all learnings together and allow for the application of professional behaviour. We allow for experiential learning and feedback to take the fore in this module where learners are able to develop a deeper insight and experience of the working environment and their navigation thereof.


This programme includes fully VIRTUAL training (with face to face with at the clients' premises during the workplace component)

  • For virtual classroom periods, learners will need a laptop, access to wifi (or an uninterrupted data connection) and a quiet and secure space to work in.

  • During virtual classroom sessions, learners will log on in the morning and join the invite for that morning

  • Morning Virtual sessions will be delivered classroom-style; learners will have daily lectures and guest speakers from industry.

  • Afternoon Virtual sessions will focus on practical work, assignments and self-study; learners will study their online course notes, attend group work sessions and discussions, and complete prescribed assessments and tasks

  • Assessment briefs, discussions and support will also all be managed virtually

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Sivuka Youth:

  • Full support of a dedicated Programme Manager/Coordinator

  • Managing learning resources, including facilitators, facilities and equipment

  • Ensuring quality educational content and a world-class learning experience

  • Sourcing candidates (see recruitment section).

  • Managing the quality of training delivery

  • Handling the administration of SETA requirements including:submission of rollout; student registration & enrolment; maintenance of learner records and
    attendance; POE's; quarterly reporting and progress reporting to employer; assessment, moderation and reports; verification & certification


  • Hosting of learners throughout programme (virtually and/or physically

  • Provision of hardware (laptops), software & internet access

  • Provision of suitable working on premises

  • Processing and payment of stipends

  • Provide Mentorship & guidance of learners through suitable mentors/coaches (Sivuka Youth can assist with structuring of this as an optional extra)

  • Exposing learners to real life projects and practical work

  • Nominating an internal Learnership Lead (ideally someone from HR / L&D)

  • Participating in orientation session with Sivuka

  • Providing time for the learners to complete programme related work

  • Providing all required tools and facilities to participate in the learnership

  • Welcoming learners and making them feel part of the team

  • Graduation

Sivuka Youth Learnership in Business Administration SETA-funded Client Guide.png


  • Learnerships consistently receive preferential allocation of discretionary SETA funding

  • Learnerships earn higher B-BBEE skills development recognition than other training programmes

  • Learnerships allow companies to include the salaries of learners towards skills development spend

  • Bonus B-BBEE points are awarded to companies that absorb learnership students into their organization (or with others, T&C’s apply)

  • Learnerships help to build strong, diverse talent pipelines that enhance transformation and ensure company innovation

  • Decreased Unemployment Rates and additional skills developed in the marketplace

  • Tax benefits available for every Learner

  • Support of a Level 1 BEE Supplier that is Black Female owned, allows for double benefit on the scorecard (Skills Development AND Procurement)

  • 135% BEE spend claim

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"Working with Sivuka was eye-opening. They have been supportive throughout the programme, and I personally never felt like I had no one to talk to whenever I was faced with situations. It didn't matter whether the situation was big or small, they made sure that my journey was smooth and they inspired learning."

— Keo, GradX Academy (Group M)

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