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Led by virtual instructors, our Leadership for Young Achievers courses provide digital badges or certificates upon completion.

Including Coaching and accommodating up to 20 delegates per group, this course approaches Leadership from an Empathetic and Authentic Leadership perspective.


This Impact Led highly experiential leadership course covers essential management topics needed for high potential aspiring young stars or new managers. The course explores the key concepts that will take a high performer to a strong leader through deep learning action principles for maximum growth and development.

Each participant is fully engaged in a holistic understanding of what it takes to be a strong leader, with or without a title, to maximise their impact and influence on those around them and accelerate their career trajectory. It is designed with South African youth in mind, to develop their ability to thrive.
This course includes coaching as integral to the learning, so that each participant can work to meet the desired outcomes for learning.
The course includes themes of Diversity and Inclusion and Self Awareness, to develop responsible, ethical and self-motivated leaders of tomorrow, today.


Participants can expect to learn the following upon completion:


  • Learn the foundation theories of management

  • Learn personal leadership mindset and principles

  • Understand the characteristics of a Future Leader

  • Gain insight into ethics and responsibility as a young leader

  • Learn to manage yourself and others through your natural leadership style

  • Optimise your opportunity and leverage mentors and learning

  • Understand the importance of personal branding and sponsorship

  • Define goal setting objectives and continuous development

  • Learn the need for strong work ethic and the success factors for a young leader. Learn from the experienced through a novel “Words from the Wise” (integral fireside panel with company/industry leaders)

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Duration: 2-hour live sessions every 2nd week

Delivery: Virtual instructor-led training and coaching

We use reflective and practical techniques for the most effective results, with each participant working through their mentoring hours within the course.

Content (videos, workbooks, articles etc.) is sent to delegates every week (with the exception of the Bootcamp, where content is released once-off). The participants work through them in preparation for the live interactive sessions.

A live 2-hour interactive session with the facilitator every week and a 6 hour session for the Bootcamp. Participants are provided with the lesson content and breakaway sessions allow for the practical and reflective learning process.

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"This was the most enlightening course I have been on, to date. It was so practical & insightful."

- Thembekile, Manager trained at Discovery Health


  • Develop young high performers in learning this valuable leadership skills

  • Development of youth help to build strong, diverse talent pipelines that enhance transformation within the organisation

  • 135% BEE spend claim

  • Free Skills Analysis and Strategic Feedback provided


  • This programme includes fully virtual training and therefore participants will need access
    to a laptop, wifi (or an uninterrupted data connection)


  • Nominating an internal Learning Lead (ideally someone from HR / L&D) - this is the person that we will work with for all internal communications and course coordination.

Please note that Sivuka does not provide laptops or data. However, we are happy to assist with procurement and to include this as an additional extra.

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