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Virtual-Instructor Led with a digital Badge/Certificate upon completion, accommodating up to 20 delegates per group.

This programme provides a space for managers to practice the skills needed to influence, empower and inspire their teams for better performance and results of not only their team, but the organisation as
a whole.


A practical course that is led by experienced and credentialed coaches, mentors and facilitators to boost managers in their coaching capability.

The negative impact of working virtually and COVID related stress, requires managers to refresh, uplift or develop their coaching knowledge and integrate more authentic and encouraging ways of leading people.

In coaching, fundamentally, the coach is helping the individual to improve their own performance: in other words, helping them to learn. Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

The programme aims to provide both theoretical and practical grounding in innovative and current best practice coaching methods, whilst also applying each participant’s unique coaching style to their leadership in a more integrated manner to both uplift their teams’ and help them flourish.

Most gaps in coaching for the future have been impacted by the given the current economic state of the world and its impact on our mental and emotional states, and these are evident in the personal thought patterns of the coach themselves. We aim to inspire and bring awareness to the delegates and to move through their own challenges, obstacles and selflimiting beliefs to be better coaches to their teams, in their own unique way.


We walk each delegate through the process of establishing, nurturing and maintaining coaching relationships while embedding key coaching skills through a trusted and proven process.

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5 Weeks [2 hour live sessions every 2nd week]



Strengths finder assessment

Pre and Post assessment

Close out Report and Evaluation

Skills Analysis

  • Content released every week
    Content (Videos, Workbooks, Articles etc) sent to delegates every week. The participants work through them in preparation for the live interactive sessions.


  • Live Calls with Instructors take place every week
    A live 2-hour interactive session with the facilitator. Delegates will (re)learn and embed coaching skills. Week 1 to 3 will be designed and facilitated to give delegates the experience of how to manage each stage of a coaching relationship and to have opportunities to practise. Weeks 4 and 5 will also be experiential, and the delegates will learn additional virtual human centric-coaching skills.


  • Coaching Practicum:
    Delegates will be required to find two volunteer coaching clients that they can have 15-minute weekly practise coaching sessions with, from week 2 to week 6. The delegates will need to find a volunteer coaching clients that they trust and whose opinions they value, people who can offer a safe space for the delegates to learn and who can provide constructive feedback.


  • One on One Coaching Supervision:
    There will be 2 supervision coaching sessions with the delegates: the first one after their second coaching practicum and the last one after their last coaching practicum. Supervision is an important part of a coach’s development, including it in the programme aims to provide delegates a first-hand experience of the value of supervision and to give them with a space to reflect and learn from their experience. This will help the delegates’ grow through their own personal psychological barriers to truly unleash their own natural coaching abilities. (additional coaching sessions can be booked at an additional rate)

"This was the most enlightening course I have been on to date! It was practical and so insightful!"

— Thembekile Sereme, Discovery Health

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  • This programme includes fully virtual training and therefore participants will need access
    to a laptop, wifi (or an uninterrupted data connection)


  • Nominating an internal Learning Lead (ideally someone from HR / L&D) - this is the person that we will work with for all internal communications and course coordination.

Please note that Sivuka does not provide laptops or data. However, we are happy to assist with procurement and to include this as an additional extra.

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