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A recruiter will take an average of  5 seconds to decide wheteher or not they will shortlist your CV.  This is the ONLY CV Toolkit you need! It will take your CV from sad to grabbing recruiters' attention seconds!


It not only helps you with your format and design, but with an in depth look at how you represent your personal brand on your CV. 



  • An in-depth analysis of your CV (Design and format )
  • Practical, personalised advice and strategies for improvement on changes specifically for you, your industry & your career aspirations (report via email)
  • Worksheets & tons of additional resources to work through your employability brand and take your career to the next level!
  • FREE CV Templates
  • 10% Dicount off any other coaching service purchased!


*Note: Unemployed/Employed graduates with 0 - 2 years experience. More than 2 years of experience? Drop us a mail for your pricing.

CV Branding Toolkit

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