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Liberating youth development for individuals and organisations offering recruitment, training, coaching and consulting in South Africa.



Six million young people out of work is a crisis.

Our future leaders are not being supported or developed sufficiently to land jobs or excel in them. Sivuka specialises in self-mastery based training, recruitment and coaching of youth. Our aim is to not only close the graduate skills gap but empower our youth to find their voice, discover their purpose and take space in this world.


Empowering authentic, purpose driven leaders of tomorrow, today.

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Studies show massive declines in motivation, performance in the first few months of a young hire. This is largely due to inadequate culture/personality fit and development.

Identified as one of the most crucial, yet most lacking, skill for the digital age, self-mastery is Sivuka's primary focus.

Research shows that developing personal effectiveness and EQ will accelerate an individual’s performance exponentially and fast track their career into leadership roles.

Driving this development in young talent at such a critical stage, has a profound impact on career trajectory and transforms our new generation of leaders.

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Move with Intention.

Move with Purpose.



Sivuka has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional and personalised service to each of our clients, both individuals and organisations alike. We aim for results and remaining true to empowering youth development in every service we provide. 

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